At Majec Systems, we help our clients create and deploy projects: on budget, on time, and 100% to specification.

Our 20+ years of experience, gives us a depth of understanding and range of capabilities to support your project from the extra hands for a critical deadline to comprehensive project execution.

Majec Systems specializes in creating websites controlled by a backend database. The database component can be anything from an enterprise database system, an XML request such as that used by remote web services, or a simple text file. Working with a client's design and marketing teams, we make sure the design of the web page conveys the client's message and provides flexibility for future changes in the data.

We provide solutions that are the foundation for successful websites:

  • Database Consulting, Planning and Design
  • Website Development
  • Custom Internet Applications
  • Blog and Wiki Deployments
  • Data Requirement Analysis
  • Administrative Applications to Allow for Database Maintenance
  • Limited Access Websites Using Security Techniques such as username/password Verification
  • Social Media App Deployments
  • Testing and Evaluation of Data Elements
  • Specialized Application Hosting
  • Website Troubleshooting and Database Repair

Check out our Project Showcase to learn how we help our clients create success.