The Texas Library Association (TLA) has a Texas Bluebonnet Award to encourage school-age children to read more. This award includes participation from Texas school libraries, public libraries, and home school associations. This program:

Texas Bluebonnet Award...is aimed at students in grades 3-6. Participating students must read a minimum of five books from the current master list before they may vote for their favorite title. Teachers and parents are encouraged to read some of the books aloud. The author of the book receiving the most votes statewide is declared the winner of the Texas Bluebonnet Award.

The Majec Systems team had worked with the TLA to develop their original website. For this Texas Bluebonnet Award, Majec Systems' Maryanne Moore was asked to help implement a student on-line voting system similar to one that had been set up in the Irving, Texas independent school district.

The goal was to have an easy-to-use website that would allow each school to make the choice whether their students could enter their votes on-line or continue having the school's librarian accumulate and enter the totals on behalf of the entire school.

For this project, the team created a series of web pages which integrated the award registration process, student voting, final ballot submission, and voting reports together on the TLA website. These web pages were made available to all participating institutions.

This new voting system brought the students and teachers directly into the on-line voting process. Schools which elected to use the on-line voting process were also able to view real-time reports of their school's voting totals. Cumulative reporting for all schools was made available after the vote deadline at the end of January of that school year.

The voting application also included a "faculty" class, which could be set up to allow teachers to use the system as their students would, but not have their votes counted on reports or submitted with the final ballot.

As part of the project, the website was first provided on a test basis to a sampling of librarians in order to receive feedback on enhancements and fixes. Next, the website was opened up to all participating schools prior to the month-long voting period in January.

After the close of the voting for the 2010-2011 school year, more feedback was gathered from participants and requested changes were prioritized and incorporated in preparation for the 2011-2012 school year.

Visit the Website at http://www.txla.org/TBA