A West Texas area ranch manager contacted the Majec Systems team for assistance. The existing dBase database system used to store and manage the property owner information had become outdated and unreliable. This ranch manager wanted a system overhaul, but one that would convert and migrate the existing data into the new system.

Property Owners ApplicationThe new system for tracking property and owner account information was written using the Microsoft Access database management system. This project also provided the opportunity to expand the data structures to provide storage for more extensive information. This information would be used to streamline operations and reduce the ongoing operating costs of the ranch.

Maryanne Moore led the development and project management for this effort. The database application was designed to include 4 levels of login security access--Administrator, Manager, Clerk, and Front Desk users. The data structure included current and historical information about all tracts of land within the 200,000+ acre Terlingua Ranch, all owners and transfers of ownership, financial records for annual maintenance fees, and property owner voting functions.

The user interface was designed to have a main menu which is customized depending on the security level of the logged-in user. It is categorized into search functions, account maintenance functions, reports, and administrative functions.

An extensive search capability allowed users to search by owner information (first and last name, address, or company name) or tract information (tract number, ranch section, or legal description).

Account maintenance functions allowed users to change owner or tract info, subdivide a tract, transfer ownership, enter payment information, manage liens, setup payment plans, coordinate volunteer donations, and update deed info.

Reports included annual assessment reports, list of bad addresses, delinquent accounts, lien history, membership list, newsletter mailing list, email list, ownership transfers, payments and adjustment reports, payment plans, receivables, bills, tract ownership history, and a voters list.

Administrative functions included exporting property owner data, editing reference tables, receivables reconciliation, creating annual assessment bills, interim billing, application of late fees, creation of ballots, and special association charges.

Not only was the application more reliable when moved to the Microsoft Access platform, it gave the ranch personnel an easier, more efficient way to manage the ongoing activities running this 200,000+ acre ranch.