In many industries, expertise shared a generation ago or more is still valuable today. This is true for the industrial automation industry. The author of several popular 1980s-vintage books was granted back rights from the publisher to the content for these out-of-print books. The challenge was what to do with this valuable content to help transfer the knowledge to the next generation of process automation professionals.

The Majec team worked with the author and the marketing staff to find a way to make the content freely available and fully searchable out on the web. The project had several unique requirements. The first was that the pages would be html text instead of more commonly found image scans. Secondly, the site would be designed for page-by-page reading with a "Go to" function from a web browser. The web-based user interface included a search box for the fully-indexed content. Finally, each page had a unique URL for easy reference and content sharing.

The design included a hyperlink table of contents to allow site visitors to navigate directly to each section of the book. Additionally, visitors could enter a specific page number or navigate forward and backward page by page.

Majec received the digitalized, Word document of the contents including each of the book's pages, cover, and introduction pages and converted these into html format. The content was stored in an SQL database and served to the web browser interface through Active Server pages.

Maryanne Moore was the Majec project lead and worked with Cowan Site Services for the design and web UI development and the client's marketing team including Deborah Franke.