A large, business-to-business company needed a web application to deploy the Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys throughout its decentralized, global organization. The book, "The Ultimate Question", authored by Fred Reichheld explains the methodology of the Net Promoter Score. This NPS survey question measures the quality of a company's relationships with its customers.

The question very simply asks: What is the likelihood that you would recommend Company X to a friend or colleague?

Net Promoter Score SurveysFor this project, the company turned to the Majec Systems team to help them design and execute this application. The project scope included a survey generation website, RSS-based results feeds, detailed exports of survey results, NPS calculations, and online survey forms.

The application was designed so that company personnel could create surveys and specify start and stop dates or make the surveys ongoing and persistent. The person planning the survey would specify the survey question, the start date, the end date, and how the survey was to be distributed--in an email footer, email campaign, web site, direct mail, telemarketing, or other.

An administration area within the web application has two levels--survey manager and individual survey owner access. The reporting area calculated the Net Promoter Score and showed summaries of the text answers. The person taking the survey could indicate if they wanted to be contacted by the survey planner and was presented with a form where they could enter contact information. If the form was filled in, the survey planner was notified in order to take immediate action.

The survey system, built on the Microsoft SQL Server database was linked to the organizations customer relationship management (CRM) database to use existing contact database fields for maintenance and survey ownership changes.