Event organizers often seek feedback from the event attendees as a way to continuously improve and to increase value for the attendees. One Texas-based association turned to the Majec Systems team because they needed feedback from their member community on a variety of topics including their annual conference.

This Association wanted a way to create questions of varying types, including multiple choice, open text, choice rating, and item prioritization--all as part of the same survey. They also wanted to specify exactly when each survey would be available. After their community had the chance to respond to the survey, the Association's administrators needed multiple reporting options to analyze the community's needs in order to reach informed decisions.

The Majec Systems team, led by Maryanne Moore, created a website with an SQL database back end that provided a method for administrators to create a survey by entering questions, possible answers (for multiple choice questions), availability dates, title, instructions, etc.

Question types include multiple choice (single and multiple responses), rating tables, prioritized choices, and open text. Responses by community members taking the survey are also stored in the database.

Reporting options include a detailed list of all responses with percentages for each response and a summary report of all responses. Additionally, each report can be filtered to include only those surveys where community members selected a particular response to a question.

These surveys helped the Association's administrative staff better understand the needs of their member community to improve not only their events, but also their service offerings to their members.