Before high-speed Internet connections and mobile 3G and 4G smart phones and tablets made information more readily accessible for business-to-business sales organizations, CDs and later DVDs were the best way to provide information. One company turned to the Majec Systems team to improve the workflow to get these CDs/DVDs shipped globally to the sales force. These CDs/DVDs contained product information, sales tools, competitive information, and a host of tools to help the salesperson through the sales cycle.

Working with the company's marketing team, Majec Systems analyzed the communication challenges inherent in managing and supporting a worldwide enterprise and created a suite of web applications to simplify communications for periodic sales tool global distribution. The tools used a Microsoft SQL Server database with dynamic web pages for the user interface. This application was integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) database. Since the application was outside the company's firewall to reach its network of independent sales representatives, logins were managed by a listing of office IP addresses to keep portal access to only approved sales offices.

This website, protected by password, was designed and built to allow members of the global sales force to review and confirm their individual mailing information for these periodic shipments. The search was based on name. The search presented the information stored in the database and provided the opportunity to confirm its correctness or to update the information.

The Administrative part of the application provided a method to reset each quarterly delivery, to verify a contact name per site, to centralize communications from the world area offices with the sales tool manager, and to provide print services for fulfillment package slips and formatted mailing labels.

The bottom-line result of this application was lower shipping costs and optimized production costs because it provided an exact count for all offices as well as a packing lists for the fulfillment house.