Education is an important part of the sales process for complex products for many business-to-business (B2B) companies. Events are one way to conduct these educational sessions, and managing the logistics can be a challenge. These logistics include the registration process through follow up communications.

One company wanted to launch a global, multi-year seminar series, but found that some of the existing event registration sites which charged per event and attendee were cost-prohibitive. This company's communications group turned to the Majec Systems team to design and implement a web-based event registration tool to provide them the ease and flexibility to schedule the entire series of events and handle the email communications and reporting with a known, one-time investment.

Led by project manager Maryanne Moore, the Majec Systems created custom web registration pages as well as an easy-to-use administrative site to provide the event planners a way to communicate with the event production team. The registration page saved the attendee information to an SQL database and emailed the confirmation information to the attendee and to the event organizers.

The application ensured planners had all event details required as part of the work process to engage the marketing support staff in overall event logistics planning. Alerts and self-management milestones we also provided to facilitate changes, cancellations, and other event functions. A reporting tool was also developed to allow for download of an Excel file to use for event sign-in and post-event follow up activities.

The event registration website exceeded the company's expectations, and as a result, two additional roadshow initiatives followed this same implementation. The company partnered with the Majec team to execute a more complex enterprise event tool, which is detailed in the EasyPlanner - Custom Event Planning Application case study.

Maryanne Moore worked with the client marketing communications team led by Deborah Franke and also with Oak Sanderson for design and web development.