Many business-to-business companies have product and service offerings with long sales cycles. Identifying new opportunities early in the cycle allow the sales team to help shape the vision around the purchase and increase the odds of winning the business.

One company with these long, complex sales cycles needed a customized sales lead management application that would capture leads for every website-generated request for information and route these requests via email to the appropriate global sales contact and concurrently to the direct mail fulfillment house in an easy-to-manage centralized process.

This company turned to the Majec Systems team to create a web-based, database-driven application that interacts with the Microsoft SQL Server-based contact database. This early identification application, dubbed Early ID, saves each inquiry received from the company's website in an online to-do list for the company's marketing staff to review, delete, or send the email leads to the appropriate point person in the global sales force.

The Early ID application provides the staff a way to select email recipients by geography, account name, industry, or select promotional support assignments. The Majec team built in flexibility to simplify change management so that as the organization changes, the Early ID staff can make the necessary changes to meet the needs without additional programming.

Each fulfillment package had an email template auto-generated that included the shipping time frame, contact information, and contents requested by the sales prospect. The web-based interface also included reporting tools for metric generation, updates to field sales force personnel, and program management followup.

The Early ID application helped to alert the sales team of interest and gave them the opportunity to engage earlier in the sales process than they otherwise might have.