A non-profit organization had reached the limits of their static website and needed a better way to enable participants in the organization's fundraisers to collect and track sponsorship donations.

This organization worked with the Majec team to add a set of dynamic web pages and forms which would connect with a backend database to manage the donation process.

The design included a sign-up/administration area where participants enter profile information, the fund raising event, their contribution goal, and in whose honor or memory they are collecting.

This administrative area also included a feedback function which enabled the participant to compose an email message about their fundraising efforts with links back to the donation page and other client pages which could be sent to their contacts.

The design included a public donation area where potential sponsors can see information about the participant and the fundraiser for which they are collecting. They can see relevant information entered by the participant, a list of sponsors who have donated, and a form to enter information about themselves and the amount of their donation.

A reporting and overall administrative area was designed and implemented where information about all of the fundraising events is maintained. Reports on the participant and donor activity are available on demand for the non-profit staff.

The project team worked over a two to three week period. Majec teamed with Cowan Site Services who performed the user interface portion of the project. Together they teamed with Creative Suitcase who had the primary contact with the client.