Controlling and managing processes is a difficult job for automation professionals. Facilitating a way to share expertise creates a closer bond between these automation professionals and automation suppliers.

Application ExchangeAn automation supplier client turned to the Majec team to design and deploy a customized online forum for the global community of automation professionals including customers, company associates, and local business partners. The objective was to facilitate sharing of engineering tools and expertise including application notes, control strategy modules, operator graphics, configuration tools, success stories, and custom batch reports. The design of the site provided for detailed descriptions of applications and download links to the associated files for the easy exchange of expertise. Community members could browse and search the site for applications to help solve the issues they faced.

Working with the client to hone the requirements, project timeline, and project execution, this community launched in November 1999.

The application included the capability for users to create login accounts specifying their contact information and preferences for handling applications and file uploads. This information was fully editable by the user at any time. It included a series of forms where community members could submit their applications. Since different information is required for the various application submittal types, dynamic forms were created that presented options based on application type selection.

The Majec team also developed a closed loop process to provide the submitter with a thank you screen and a preview of their submitted application while it was pending approval and an email notification system for the site administrators when new applications were submitted.

On the administrative side, a maintenance and management web site area was developed and provided search by applications and individual contacts. For the submissions, administrators could edit, delete, and view submissions. When ready, these could then be published to the public website.

Since the original launch, the site has been upgraded to .NET technology in 2004 and was enhanced to accept new types of content in January 2011.

Maryanne Moore led the Majec team on this project and worked with the client marketing communications team including Deborah Franke and Oak Sanderson for design and web development.