AMAZON-POWERED CUSTOM BOOKSTORE continues to increase their presence globally and become more intertwined with our daily lives. From an extensive online store, to eBooks, to digital-content consuming tablet devices.

Part of the growth secret is their cloud-based services, which dates back to the early 2000s. One business-to-business enterprise, back in 2002, was looking for a way to share the works of their authors and other industry experts with their global customers. web services provided a great way to use the Amazon database and cloud-based web services to make the works of these authors easily accessible.

The company turned to the Majec Systems team create a convenient way to provide the works of process automation experts in an easy-to-use, online bookstore location. The educational mission was to increase engineering and specifically process control knowledge by bringing together the published works of the company's employees, associates, and customers in one online location.

What prompted this project was the marketing mission to promote and sell the book, Advanced Control Unleashed. The success of the project led to a 2002 Ray Molloy Award for the sales of the book.

Using Amazon Web Services, the Majec Systems team created the bookstore on the client's website using information available from Amazon including images and product descriptions. The Click to Buy button integrated the bookstore directly to Amazon for shipments and order tracking. The bookstore purchases were tracked in the Amazon Associates program.

Majec worked with Oak Sanderson, William Rich, and Deborah Franke on the planning, execution, project management, testing, and launch on this project.